Your deck is outdoors, meaning that it faces different weather conditions throughout the year. From frigid winters to torrential rains, these conditions can cause extensive damage that requires expensive repairs. Therefore, it’s wise to routinely maintain your deck to avert costly renovations. Carport Builders Sydney

Here are some valuable tips for keeping your deck in pristine condition.


A dirty deck is more prone to mould and mildew that later causes rotting. This especially applies to timber deck designs.

After removing any loose debris, sweep the deck. Then, use the recommended cleaner. Standard deck cleaners work for timber decks. If you have a composite deck, use cleaners made for such material. Vinyl and PVC decks only require warm water.


The next step after cleaning your deck is applying a sealant. Use tarps to protect air conditioners, flowers, plants, and other items that could get damaged by the sealant. Your preferred method of sealant application determines how much protection you need. You can choose to use a roller, brush or spray. The first two take more time but are easier to control than spraying.

Sealants are either water-based or oil-based. Some also protect against UV radiation, prolonging the brilliance of your finish and reducing the sun’s damage on your deck.


If you leave your deck unattended for extensive periods, you might have to perform a complete restoration. However, this doesn’t involve removing the decking material and installing a new one. That said, it’s more time-consuming and thorough than standard deck cleaning. You also use a decking restorer instead of a regular cleaner.

The first step of restoration is cleaning. Sweep the deck and ensure there’s no dirt before applying the restorer. It’s advisable to use fungicides and insecticides before removing the debris, as a patio that requires restoration usually has extensive infestations by algae, moss, mildew, and other organisms.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and scrub thoroughly for the best results. After cleaning, use a brush to apply the restorer. Depending on the brand you use, it might take three to eight hours for the restorer to dry. Once it does, use a hose to wash your deck before applying a sealant.


You now know that keeping your deck looking great mainly involves cleaning. But when should you clean your patio? Ideally, it is best to clean the deck twice yearly, first in spring as you prepare for summer, then in autumn before the winter comes.

Lastly, ensure that you protect your deck against the elements by installing a pergola. Besides covering your timber deck Sydney, the pergola will make your outdoor area liveable throughout the year.

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