At Sydney Wardrobes, we offer a variety of wardrobe styles for your home. With the seasons changing and The Block coming up soon it’s time to decide what type best suits you! In most cases couples lean towards walk-in or hinged wardrives depending on their room allocation with preference given towards those that can be opened from either side as they contain less furniture and this just makes navigating easier when packing lighter items like clothes into them at any one moment in time–great if someone is staying over without an extra guest bedroom waiting downstairs!.

The perfect built in wardrobes Sydney is a dream for any fashion lover. Our favorite stylists, creatives and interior designers have all had one thing in common: they design amazing wardrobes to make sure you look your best every day of the week! With 16 beautifully designed cupboards by these creative individuals just waiting to be hung on walls across Australia, there really isn’t anything preventing us from feeling fabulous about our reflection anytime we want now.”

Sliding door wardrobe

The sliding door wardrobe is a modern-day version of the traditional hinged closet. With this type, it’s all about how much space you have and what style fits your taste best – there are two or four doors on most models!

They’re perfect if you want a closet with an up-to date and contemporary look that will fit your needs in any room size! The number of doors varies depending on how much space is available but most have between 2 to 4 panels width wise or height for larger spaces like offices, homes etcetera .

Colours in Wardrobes

What’s more fun than a bedroom full of color? Sydney Wardrobes has the perfect door and interior finishes for you! Whether it be in your living room or study, we have everything from greys to vibrant blues. Mixing-and-matching exterior colors will help create personality; try white paired with gold if that”s what strikes your fancy this season
2 different themes = 2 completely unique rooms without having wires attached all over them like some designers might do

Who wouldn’t want to create their own wardrobe with the wow factor? Contact Sydney Wardrobes