Marine batteries are utilized in vehicles, for example, cars, boats, ships and different stages that need a power supply of more than two minutes. A particular term frequently describes Marine batteries, showing their relationship with a specific vessel type. For instance: “profound cycle marine battery” (power supply for variable loads) or “beginning marine battery” (power supply to the starter engine)


Ozzy power Marine Battery Powers the Trolling Motor Deep Cycle Marine battery with unadulterated lead plates and Absorbed Glass Mat. Elite execution, wholly fixed, upkeep-free AGM battery. Particular winding injury plan and retained glass mat reinforcer for spillproof performance – – – even on its side: progressed calcium lead combination and AGM separators for most extreme vibration opposition. One hundred per cent sealed development permits mounting in any position. Marine battery innovation gives you demonstrated execution, profound cycling capacity, security from perilous electrolyte spillage, tough solidness, and long life.


Intended for use in boats, sporting vehicles and other marine applications, this battery is non-spillable and support free, making it appropriate for use inside or outside. It includes rock-solid development and is fit for enduring big mechanical shocks. Intended for profound cycle applications, the high-limit CS-CV60BTN is accessible for 24V and 48V frameworks. This battery is expected for RV/Marine, sunlight based, reserve power, phone frameworks and other reinforcement applications.


Utilization of Marine batteries


  • The principal uses of the marine battery: turning over engine, lighting gear, bilge siphon and refrigeration unit.
  • Marine Batteries can be utilized for boats, fishing boats, yachts and ships. It is a powerful focus battery and can make the turning over of the engines whenever. Because of its extended release cycle, it likewise endures from 120-to 150 cycles in any event.
  • Marine batteries utilize the innovation inside that controls your standard vehicle battery. A lead-calcium configuration gives them long life and better execution at lower temperatures. Marine batteries are planned, tried, and upheld better than other batteries in the marine post-retail.
  • A marine battery is a battery-powered profound cycle battery. The primary contrast between marine batteries and lead-corrosive batteries is that the plates of marine batteries are thicker and contain manganese dioxide and lead oxide, which gives a higher energy thickness. Marine batteries can be re-energized when ultimately released without extreme effect on the battery’s administration life. Conversely, standard lead-corrosive vehicle batteries can’t be charged when released.


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Assuming you’re searching for power and unwavering quality, Ozzy power is your most ideal decision. Our battery’s twisting cell structure conveys excellent execution and warm strength, alongside a 15-year favourable to appraised guarantee and spillproof development. Furthermore, our batteries are UL recorded for security and supported by a 3-year free substitution program!