The team at New Age Physio hope to provide a high quality of care for all patients.

Finding a physiotherapist for your injury can be difficult

Most physio’s are booked out for days, but New Age Physiotherapy is different. They have sports physiologists who are trained to treat all kinds of injuries and they are available now – today!

Their friendly staff will help you with all your needs so that you can get back to what matters most – being active again. By providing same day appointments they make sure that patients aren’t forced into long periods of inactivity due to their injury or ailment. That means no more missing work, training sessions or events! Whether it’s an old knee injury, a new ankle sprain or something else entirely, our team wants to help you feel better as soon as possible by getting the right treatment at the right time. New Age Physio also offer post-treatment rehabilitation programs which ensure your body stays healthy and strong after treatment has finished.

Your back, shoulder, knee or hip pain is holding you back from being your best?

You want to get the fastest recovery possible so that you can be at your peak performance again. That’s why it makes perfect sense to choose New Age Physiotherapy for all of your physical therapy needs in Liverpool area.

We are the number one physio clinic when it comes to treating sports and work related injuries because they use cutting-edge manual therapy treatments with the latest innovative medical devices available today. With their advanced physiotherapy program, they have helped thousands of patients recover quickly so they can perform at their peak again!

Sydney’s best physio is just a click away

Whether you’re looking for help with an injury or illness; we’ve got you covered. Our location all around Liverpool mean that there is no long distance between us and your home or office. It’s hard to find a physio in Liverpool who you can trust, and even harder to get an appointment with them. We provide you with the best possible care to get you moving again as quickly as possible! Our team of experienced physios are friendly and approachable. They will listen to your issues and concerns before taking an appropriate course of action to help get you back on track. Find physio in Bonnyrigg with the team of experianced physios.

Vestibular Physiotherapy

Vertigo can be a very disturbing and uncomfortable condition. It is often caused by an imbalance in the inner ear, which results in dizziness or spinning sensation.There are many causes of vertigo such as head injury, viral infections like colds and flu, migraine headaches, Meniere’s disease (a disorder of the inner ear), labyrinthitis (inflammation of the inner ear) and vestibular neuronitis (inflammation of nerves that connect to the brain). New Age Physio is one such clinic that has been providing effective vestibular therapy for over 10 years now.

For those who may be new to New Age Physio , they want you to know that we offer physical therapy and physiotherapy treatment. They also have an active blog where they post articles about topics such as the benefits of physiotherapy, how it can help with various injuries, and more. Please feel free to browse around their site or contact them if you would like more information!

When you’re in pain and need a physio or sports therapist appointment today, call New Age Physiotherapy. We have been providing innovative physiotherapy services to Sydney South West and Liverpool area for over 10 years. The team of therapists are ready and waiting to see you at your convenience – so don’t hesitate!