New home building inspections are strongly recommended to be carried out at key stages of the construction process. Read more about why you need a recent build inspection.


As a building owner, you have obligations to ensure your new property complies with strict building regulations and standards. Pre-inspections are recommended before laying concrete slabs to check all steel fixing is installed correctly, and concrete pours readily. Post-inspection before the slab is run is also recommended. After the concrete is poured, we will use a high-frequency rebar locator to correct any mistakes.


Doric Property Inspections’ highly trained and competent team can provide you with the highest quality inspection services. Pre-purchase inspections are a great way to navigate the process of buying a new home without unexpected dramas. By identifying property risks before you commit, it is possible to make an informed decision about whether or not that’s the right property for you.


At Inspection Works, we have years of experience performing New Home Building Inspections Sydney. Our licensed, expert inspectors are here to provide the detailed building and pest inspection reports you need. Our announcements contain clear images and detailed descriptions of any faults that require attention using the latest technology and software. We inspect established homes and perform new home building inspections in Sydney and surrounding areas.


New Home Building Inspection is an important part of the inspection process, allowing a potential home buyer to identify issues with a building within its first two years. The purchase price should be contingent on the certified professionals’ satisfactory completion of a home building inspection.


Getting a new home building inspection in Sydney can be a daunting process, especially if you are a first-time buyer. But reciting the prerequisites and action steps will help you in this process.


Defects in new homes are not uncommon, so even if the builder still provides a warranty, it’s still wise to have the property professionally inspected by either a building inspector or a surveyor. This is especially true if it is a construction that has been completed for fewer than ten years, as during this time, there may be defects that will impact on use and enjoyment of the structure.


The purpose of a building inspection in Sydney is to help property buyers make informed decisions on their building-related investments. A building inspection will give you the best knowledge of the property’s condition before purchasing.


A new home building inspection is a full, comprehensive examination of the property at hand. Our inspectors will check your building from top to bottom, inside and out. Our reports are detailed, including square meter measurements for areas that have been inspected, along with photographs for clarity.


Our Sydney new home building inspections are provided as a single report or as part of our combined building and pest inspection service. We have over 10 years of building experience and are experienced in all types of homes, including units, townhouses and new home construction.