Golf is a game that is accessible to almost anyone that lives near a golf course. Young children can start playing at a very young age.

We’re going to talk about when the best age to start golf lessons is, the best ways to start our kids in the sport of golf, what the appropriate age is to let children play unsupervised, and ways to engage your children in the game when they first begin.

Youth golf has exploded in popularity since the 2019 Covid Pandemic began when it forced many families to start participating more in outdoor activities. Golf Lessons near me

It is a great way to encourage exercise, hard work, discipline, and competition in young athletes.

What Age to Start Golf Lessons?

The best age to start golf lessons is between six and eight years old. This is the age where many golf clubs start to provide group lessons for kids. Instructors make the game fun and engaging while teaching crucial parts of the game like the basics of holding the club, swing, chipping and putting.

Golf lessons like these are fun and encourage kids to play more often and engage in the sport.

Once they have mastered the basics you can start playing with them in regular golf rounds.

How Do I Start My Kid in Golf?

You can start your kid in golf by taking them to mini golf (putt putt courses), bringing them with you to the driving range, and having them ride along in the cart while you play.

Another way is to let them experiment with some of your old equipment or purchase them a few junior clubs.

This is a great time to start them with a putter or chipping wedge.

Extremely young golfers below the age of three can be dangerous with regular golf equipment however there are plenty of oversized plastic options instead.

These can be found almost year-round in the toy section at your local department store.

Can a 2-5 Years Old Play Golf?

A 3 year old can play golf under the right circumstances and when supervised. The best place for a 3-year-old golfer is in the backyard. Oversized plastic golf club, large plastic golf balls, and fun golf games are available in almost every store that has a toy section.